I’ve been looking for cute, affordable, and modest work out clothing for awhile. I’m happy to say I’ve found the perfect place, Fabletics.

Bear with me if you already shop with them or have heard about them. Fabletics is an activewear line co-founded by Kate Hudson that is wildly affordable and high quality compared to other brands like Athleta, GapFit, Old Navy, etc.

The reason why I started was that the first outfit as a VIP is $25 and the outfits range from two to three pieces. Two to three pieces..let that settle in. If you’re shopping at Gap a pair of leggings are around $65. Then once you’re a VIP member, you receive monthly picks to your inbox based on your body type –The only thing you need to be cautious of is that you have to respond to your monthly picks by the 5th of the month or your account is charge $49.95.

My first outfit was a pair of leggings, sports bra and basic black tee. The quality of the leggings are amazing. I don’t worry about my butt showing, my cellulite showing or anything. They do run a tad tight, but personally, I like that. I know everything is in place and not going anywhere. Sweat doesn’t even show through this light-colored fabric.



They also have a cute kid’s clothing line that my niece and nephew both have outfits from too!

Check them out! If you want to join, use my invite link. What’s your favorite place to get workout gear?





The Two-Step Christine Longe gum wall 3

Featured Dreamer: Christine Longe

This week’s Dreamer is Christine Longe who is performing  The Two-Step at the Fringe Festival in Chicago until September 6th.

How old are you? 30

How old do you act? 5-100, depending on company, the day, and the state of the world

Where do you live? Seattle, WA

What’s so great about where you live? Mountains, and water, and greenery – oh, my!

What’s your current job? Gymnastics coach for children ages 18 months to 7 years old

What’s your dream job? My current combination of creativity and coaching is a dream job! I have a steady income with a fun hobby – plus playing with kids and supporting their appreciation for movement/body awareness – and that supports my life as a working artist. My next dream job: I’m applying to work as a physical actor/clown for Cirque du Soleil.

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chicago pocket backprint

MILC: The New Milk Supply Co.

Our past dreamer Danny Sobor has been living the dream. He revised his brand (now MILC), created a second collection, has his line  in a brick-and-mortar retail store, and has gallery opportunities.
Sounds awesome, right?! We’ll read on and see how everything went down!
We’ve noticed there’s been some big changes since we profiled you last November. Can you walk us through some of them?
Definitely. I’ve been working to refine and simplify my aesthetic since September. I dropped Supply Co. from Milk because, well, we aren’t a dairy company. I also chose to go with MILC because I wanted it to stand for something, the Make it Limitless Collective. I’ve started working with other designers from Chicago to Providence hoping to form a network of creative people collaborating.
MILC in Mint Clothing on 1058 W Taylor St, Chicago
MILC in Mint Clothing on 1058 W Taylor St, Chicago
Congrats on landing in some brick and mortars! How’d you do it?
I owe it to a childhood friend Joe Brandt. He introduced me to the owner of Mint Clothing right before he was about to open the store. He was looking for some more Chicago streetwear, I showed him my shirts and he loved them. He bought nearly my whole inventory on the spot. I called my best friend and mom walking home tearing up with happiness.
daydreamer 5pan
I see you have a new collection, Dreams And Icons, can you tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind it?
My inspiration comes from chasing dreams and one of my favorite artists, Mike Giant. Mike Giant did a series called “Modern Hieroglyphics” in which he tried to boil down modern culture into a series of hieroglyphics and icons to create a language of today. I loved the idea, and tried to boil down complex themes, like choosing love over money in life, into the simplest forms possible. The second inspiration comes from following my dreams with MILC. The whole process of creating MILC and watching it grow, at its best moments, feels like a dream coming true, and the work is rooted in that feeling.
What else can we look forward to?
MILC is going to branch out. I’m currently working with musicians, photographers, and a few of my favorite artists to try out new pieces and concepts. We’re still going to make shirts, but I’ve also got some MILC artwork that’s going to be displayed in a gallery soon and one of the DJ’s is making a song called “MILC City.” I’m also talking to retailers to get the brand in more stores. MILC is growing, and I’m not entirely sure where it will take me but I’m excited for the future.
chicago pocket
Like what you see? Go to Mint Clothing or http://shop.milc.us/ and shop the collection! Show us your picks and tag Danny too (@sannydobor).
*All photos by Danny Sobor

ScoreBig Tickets

Mike and I have a to-do list, much like my 26 Thing To Do, for what will be each year of our marriage. We’re approaching one year soon and we haven’t crossed off as many as we’d like, so when ScoreBig approached me to try out their services, I said yes!

Even though I didn’t find any events Mike and I’d like to go to (all the events we had in mind were sold out or not available), the process seemed pretty great.

What the website looks like.
What the website looks like.

ScoreBig guarantees savings on every purchase, you can choose your section for seating , tell them what you want to pay, and there’s no fees. Then if you know of an event coming, but they don’t have it listed, you can request that they get tickets — I requested the Book of Mormon when it comes to Chicago in February. It’s an all around money-saving way to go to events you dream about attending.

I can’t wait to see if they get more events we’d like to go to or maybe get the alert that the Bears vs. Packers game or Justin Timberlake tickets are now available. But once something comes available, I’ll let you know about the full experience. You know me, I love to share about a good deal!

Have you tried ScoreBig? What was your experience like?

Try the website, here.

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