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Back to Fashion and Trying

I posted yesterday about being inspired from our NYC trip, but I wanted to share my other takeaway.  BEING FASHIONABLE AND ACTUALLY TRYING.

New Yorkers are a different breed when it comes to fashion. I don’t know if it’s because everyone wants to stand out or because it’s a fashion mecca. But everyone is fierce and dedicated to their look. Seeing my friends prepare themselves for work way different than my morning routine in Chicago. I realized it is so easy to be lazy about my look here. Yes, people are still judgmental in Chicago, but nothing like New Yorkers.

All of my fashionable, “trying” friends. Thanks for being my inspiration.

So my new challenge for myself is to live by the motto of  “Dress for the job you want and not the job you have.”

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Giveaway: Spring is Here!

PIC: On the last day we were in NYC it was a little cold, but the sun came out and Chelsea was gorgeous in its rays

The weather hasn’t been in the 40s for about 4 days, so I’m confident in saying that Spring is finally here! I’m excited for flowers, colors, dresses, picnics outdoor activities, dog park trips and more.

Being in NYC last week inspired me to enjoy the weather, my city and what it offers.

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My niece by one of the Central Park ponds. It was the perfect day to walk around with my family.

I’m happy to say that as a contributor for Coca-Cola Journey, I won a drawing to offer you, my readers, a Spring giveaway! To get you excited for the warm weather ahead, enter below and you’ll have a chance to win a frisbee and two can koozies. When I opened the box it inspired me to play ultimate frisbee again!

Get ready for some Spring and Summer memories! This could be yours if you enter!

Add your name in the comment section and what you’re planning on doing this summer.  The winner will be randomly chosen on April 30th at 8 AM. Good Luck!

*This prize was provided by The Coca-Cola Company. Coca-Cola is not a sponsor, administrator, or connected in any other way with this contest.

The Imperfectionists (3)

A Book A Month (March) : The Imperfectionists

March’s book was The Imperfectionists by Tom Rachman. Shelby from See Shels attempted another book club, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend. If you went please let me know.20140309-150706.jpg

If you’re looking for a book to read and you’re a journalist, interested in newspaper or writers, this book is for you.

Pages: 304

Synopsis: This  novel is set around a fictional English international newspaper based out of Rome. In each short story you see the beginning, struggle and failing of a 24/7 newspaper through the story lines of its staff (past and present).

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#17 Accomplished: Host A Dinner Party

There are some things that scream adulthood; getting married, having kids, having a full-time job, and hosting a dinner party. A part of me wants to embrace this next stage in life and the other wants to run away like a kid who sees cookies and cake in a nearby storefront. For now, I’ll take one step closer to becoming a frigid adult by  hosting a dinner party with fat kid foods.

Even though Mike is a great chef and, I like to think, I’m a great hostess, it’s still hard to get people to journey to Edgewater to eat dinner in a one bedroom apartment with an overly-loving dog.  My plan of attack: make the place look pretty.

As you may recall, may #17 goal is to host a dinner party with fabric napkins, a table runner, and decor. Here’s what I did for our Thanksgiving Dinner:

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I made the paper centerpiece out of craft paper and glue. It’s two sections that took me maybe about 4 hours to make in total, but I wanted the dishes to be the focus.

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